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We have a long and successful history having been established for over 100 years, working with some of the biggest names throughout a wide and diverse range of Industries.

Motorcar & Motorcycle restoration - We offer first class motorcar and motorcycle chrome plating and rechroming service restoring your old parts and making them look new. Your parts will be professionally stripped, re polished by our onsite polishers before being plated to a high standard. We offer a wide range of refurbishment and restoration services to both trade and the general public.


Chrome Plating Exhausts

RMF Whilst we are happy to re-chrome exhaust pipes, downpipes and tailpipes, sadly we are unable to restore silencers as the electroplating process can damage the baffles in your box and the contents in the silencer and can damage the chemicals in our tanks and cause quality issues.

Bumper and hubcap re-chroming

RMF If your looking for a quality re chroming service for all types of bumpers, overriders and hub caps for classic, vintage and american cars

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How big are our tanks?
Our electroplating tanks allow us to accomodate parts up to L 2050mm X W 300mm X H 950mm big enough for most motorcar and motorcycle parts
How long does the process take?
  • Variable: Depends on the size and condition of the part
  • Turnaround: Allow upto 2-3 weeks
  • Express Service: We offer an express service at a 25% surcharge

RMF How to measure your item

Step1: Photograph your parts

Step1: Photograph your parts

Lay all the parts you have for restoration on a sheet of paper on a flat surface.

If you want an estimate (break down) for each part you will need to number them up by writing on the paper they are laid on.

Lay a tape measure, ruler or memorable object in the shot so we have a size indicator.

Please also include dimentions eg: L x W x H in mm

Step2: Send us an email with the photo attachment

Step2: Send us an email with the photo attachment

Send us an email attaching the photo(s). If you can list each of the parts and tell us any additional information that maybe helpful, Such as dents, holes, deep pitting or heavy rust.

Send your email to:

We will send you back an estimate usually the same day or within 24hrs. Note we can't respond outside of our normal working hours.

Step3: Box up your parts and send them in

Step3: Box up your parts and send them in

If you are happy with the estimate pack the items safely ensuring nothing can get damaged in transit.

Enclose a copy of your estimate and your full contact details: Your name, telephone, address for return and your email. send it in yourself to the address at the top. Make sure that your items are properly packed, insured and addressed.

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To discuss all of your metal finishing requirements including zinc plating, chrome plating, tin plating, anodising or our specialist chrome plating on aluminium service, contact us on +44(0)121 558 0692

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